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Stainless Steel Sand Castings

We Can Do Everything from Stainless Steel Sand Castings to iron Sand Castings

No one offers a wide variety of metal casting services that we do at HCW & Associates. We represent some of the largest metal foundries in North American and we’re capable of producing anything from stainless steel sand castings to iron sand castings. If you own a business that relies on metal castings, give us a call. We are dedicated to quality and precision, so we can deliver our customers a great product at an affordable cost. We are happy to supply your business with the parts it needs, tailored to meet your qualifications. We understand how important precision can be in manufacturing and we are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality metal castings on the market. Get in touch today if you have any questions about our capabilities or the casting process.
At HCW and Associates, we don’t just connect you with a manufacturer and call it a day. We will be your dedicated representative, who will help you develop a custom prototype, draft a model, and supply you with estimates from our manufacturers. Even once we deliver the product, we hope to continue to represent you and help you fulfill any manufacturing goals you have with your business. There is nothing our team can’t handle and if you need iron sand castings, stainless steel sand castings, or any other metal casting service, get in touch with us today.
We promise to offer competitive prices and production timelines. We represent some of the leading manufacturers in North American and no other representative has access to the wide array of facilities that we do. We service businesses in diverse industries from agriculture to telecommunications and no matter what kind of product you need, we will connect you with a manufacturer who can get the job done. Get in touch today if you have questions or want to place an order!

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