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Springs and Stampings


Leader in metal stamping and spring coiling since 1969.  Specializing in soft tool, stage tool, and hard tool stampings, fourslide, CNC wire forming and spring manufacturing.


Core Competency

  • Low, medium, and high volume production supported by fast turn prototype and DFM feedback

  • Progressive stamping; Lower cost for simpler high volume parts

  • Capacity to 220 tons, 26 inch wide strip

  • Fourslide stamping up to 2” strip width.  

  • Complex shapes, lower tooling cost for intricate parts

  • Lower material cost

  • Assembly operations can be included in process

  • CNC Wire forming and coiling

  • Complex shapes, extension springs, compression Springs, conical springs (Battery contacts)

  • Materials worked with include beryllium copper, bronze, high yield & spring back materials, aluminum, stainless steels, pre-plated materials.  

  • Types of parts include Battery contacts, sensors, PCB shields, heat sinks, jumper wires (cu), retaining clips, brackets, etc.


  • ISO 9001

Markets Served

  • Telecommunications

  • Power distribution

  • High end optics

  • Medical

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