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We're Expanding!

HCW was founded in 1990 by Hank Wagemans, who took the leap from security with an established company into sole proprietorship. In those first few years, HCW was focused on supporting 100% aerospace, which is the industry Hank worked in prior to starting the company. Over the years, HCW diversified into new markets. Today, aerospace represents only 10% - 15% of the business.

In 2021, Scott and Taylor formally acquired the family business as Hank moved into retirement. With a lineup of synergistic suppliers and dozens of unique manufacturing capabilities, we have continued to pursue diversification of customers and industries. Over the past year as our business experienced growth, we came to the realization that we'd need to increase our capacity to identify and support new business development.

Enter our third brother. Exactly one year after the acquisition, we hired Mike Wagemans, our first employee. Mike brings prior sales and inventory management experience to HCW, and will play a key role in expanding the family business and helping us enter into new markets. Please welcome Mike to the team, and feel free to reach out directly to him for any supply chain needs.

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